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  1. CHIBOK, Nigeria — In Chibok, the village in northeastern Nigeria’s
    restive Borno statethat remains to be suffering the lack of greater
    than 200 schoolgirls, residents welcomed Monday’s election outcomes
    exhibiting Muhammadu Buhari had defeated President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Many in Chibok view Jonathan as a failure and are hoping that Buhari
    will provide options to making certain the return of the lacking ladies.

    “I am very blissful as a result of I now have a brand new authorities that I also can strive to interact with to verify our women come again,” stated
    Allen Manasseh. “I tried to have interaction the federal government of Goodluck Jonathan however the federal government handled us as if we had been criminals simply because we have been demanding our ladies.”

    Some voters traveled a whole lot of miles to solid their
    votes in Saturday’s landmark presidential election.

    “I realize it was an enormous threat however it’s my civic responsibility to forged my ballot,” mentioned Allen Manasseh, who
    traveled over four hundred miles from the capital, Abuja, to Chibok, his hometown, the place he
    forged his vote on Saturday. His cousin Maryam was one of many kidnapped women, and Manasseh continues to be hoping for her return. “We will keep demanding for our women to return again,” he mentioned.

    Like many in Chibok, Manasseh is disenchanted in Jonathan’s dealing with of the
    mass abduction of the schoolgirls on April 14 by Boko Haram.
    It took greater than per week for Jonathan to make a public touch upon the abduction, and he has nonetheless by no means visited
    the troubled group to specific his condolences. “I tried to have interaction the federal government of Goodluck Jonathan, however the federal government handled us as if we had been criminals simply because we had been demanding our women,” Manasseh

    Chibok voters went to the polls on Saturday, and the primary opposition celebration, led
    by the previous navy ruler Buhari, received by greater than 7,000 votes.
    Nationwide, Buhari defeated Jonathan by a landslide, with a margin of greater
    than 2 million votes. Jonathan issued a press release on Tuesday congratulating Buhari, and throughout Africa’s most populous nation, Buhari supporters celebrated an unprecedented second — the primary time an opposition candidate has gained a presidential election in Nigeria, and an anticipated peaceful
    transition of energy.

    Buhari’s marketing campaign slogan of “change” appealed to Nigerians looking for an administration that can sort out rampant corruption and an financial system affected by a falling
    forex. However for a lot of in northeastern Nigeria, the place Boko Haram has killed greater than thirteen,000
    individuals and displaced greater than 1 million in its marketing campaign to determine a state dominated by their excessive interpretation of Sharia,
    safety is the primary situation.

    “Security is the precedence,” mentioned Bulus Mungopark, a frontrunner in Chibok’s vigilante power.

    “And regarding our women, we consider Buhari will do every little thing to search out our women as a result of Jonathan is simply too weak to take action.”

    Buhari’s navy background appeals to these pissed off with Jonathan’s inability to defeat Boko Haram after
    greater than six years. Nigerian troopers have been accused of being too
    heavy-handed of their makes an attempt to clear villages of suspected Boko
    Haram fighters, and in addition of working away from oncoming Boko Haram
    assaults. The armed group has turned right into
    a risk to regional safety, and Nigeria’s neighbors have stepped into the struggle.

    Mungopark traveled for 2 days from Maiduguri to Chibok to solid his
    vote. He mentioned he has engaged with Boko Haram fighters on quite a few events, generally alongside
    Nigerian troops. Since February, the Nigerian navy has made some
    good points within the combat towards the armed group.

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  3. Linda Ikeji says:

    Foremost Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur, Linda
    Ikeji, not too long ago launched a new social media website, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), a social media platform which innovatively fuses news reporting, social interaction and
    online buying all in a single location. In this chat, Ikeji discusses the secrets behind her profession, how she
    has been capable to wade through the stormy waters, the new social media platform (Linda Ikeji Social), and her
    opinion on business partnership with government.
    You are recognized as the queen of blogging.
    How did it all start? It all began in 2006 following a buddy told me she read a story about
    me on the world-wide-web, and out of curiosity I logged on to the web-site to read the story.

    What has been your drive? Passion is what has driven me all by way of to this point,
    for the reason that, like I mentioned earlier,
    it is not just about me living my dream, I wanted to be a journalist, a broadcast journalist.
    A lot of men and women I admired in these days had been broadcasters or Television presenters, like Frank Olize I admired reporting,
    so what kept me going on the weblog has been passion since I’m living my dream
    carrying out it. Don’t you consider you are deviating from the norm taking into consideration the reality that Linda Ikeji Weblog has been extremely effective?

    Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) and Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB) are quite comparable it’s the exact same on line organization. LIS is an extension of LIB essentially simply because most of
    the stuff you uncover on LIB you obtain on LIS.

    We are not deviating, they are very comparable companies, on the net technology, news reporting,
    they are really related, they perform hand in hand.
    What is Linda Ikeji Social all about compared to Linda Ikeji Blog?

    LIS is a combination of social networking, news reporting, buying and promoting.

    How I came about it was this, I believed about the targeted traffic that occurs
    when persons go on the net and the first 1 is how people keep up, that is
    why Facebook has the most users in the world. It helps you
    connect to other folks in actual time, read what folks are saying, chat with other folks.
    I believe that’s the number one reason persons go on line.

    The second purpose persons go on-line is for them to study the news, to know what
    goes in the planet around them. The third explanation people today go on-line is
    to buy and sell, to shop. What distinguishes LIS from other social media platforms?
    We have monetised LIS, there is no other social network in the planet or maybe in this part of the globe where there is some thing called the wallet.
    Every single user on LIS has a wallet either by the giveaway via stories or if
    you have several persons following you on the web page we’ll monetise it.
    So I just felt like individuals spend a lot of dollars being on line,
    mainly because they get data and nobody gets something out of it.

    So I consider it’s time men and women started to get additional
    from using the social media. Generally, we share the
    dollars we make from companies with our users, we gather from the corporations, keep some and give out some
    to our subscribers. How do you raise funds for buyer rewards in such a time of financial recession? Next week we’re going to give
    out one more sum, and of course it will not be the very same quantity,
    possibly half of it. And we’re going to give out recharge card and so
    many other products due to the fact other brands are going to get involved.
    We’re just a week old so, for now, we have to fund all this with our personal money prior
    to other brands turn into element of it.

    You either pay the users or…

    The information on this Web site is total, correct,
    correct or non-misleading

    You Grow to be Permanently Self-Employment

    LICENSE TO USE Website

    Technology & solution management will be intriguing

    Edit or otherwise modify any material on the web site or

    Nov 2016 Guardian Lady

    Guests per day due to the fact her blog

    Appropriate now, we’re funding everything by ourselves there is no
    private investor anywhere. The reason I said no is since,
    for now, I do not know the worth of what I’m carrying out suitable now or what it
    would be. I can not place a cost to it that I would say ‘okay, come and spend this quantity and take a unique percentage’.
    So, proper now, I’m funding anything 100percent and I do not know if I would let for
    private investors. I’m just taking it a step at a time
    for now. Do you intend to partner with private investors anytime soon? It depends on how huge it gets.

    If it gets bigger than me, then I would give area for private investors, but
    if it does not, I’ll manage it all by myself.

    Don’t you believe you could be perceived to be proud by saying you don’t
    need to have private investors to invest in LIS now?
    I’m not the proud variety, in truth, I’m pretty humble.

    Folks do not know that, to a pretty huge extent,
    I’m a really humble person for the reason that I know
    exactly where I’m coming from. Folks typically have their personal views
    about other people, but those who know me know that
    I’m very humble. Why I do not want investors now is mainly because I don’t know how to
    worth what I’m doing but. Would you companion with the government if it signifies interest
    in your business? Government does not companion with anyone on such issues now, do they?

    I would rather companion with private investors than government.

    On a second believed, I can companion with government, but not that they would personal it, they would just be a partner.
    What do you give in return to organizations who partner with you?
    Publicity, totally free advert and publicity. Don’t you believe you’re taking on also a lot operating LIB and LIS all by your self?
    No, for Linda Ikeji Blog, I’ve staff functioning with me even though
    I’m still on top rated of it. For Linda Ikeji
    Social, I also have staff working for me and I’m also on major of it.
    LIS and LIB are the similar on line enterprise one essentially feeds from the other.

    I do not really feel it is also a great deal, it depends
    on what you feel your capabilities are apart from, I really feel like I’m able since I’ve been blogging for 10-years now, so, blogging is
    much easier for me now. Anytime you see me on my laptop,
    you will see LIB on one side and then you’ll see LIB on the other, just for me
    to monitor almost everything that is going on so it’s absolutely
    not bigger than something I can manage. If you have to liquidate either of LIS or
    LIB due to challenges beyond you, which would it be?
    That is a quite hard question no one prays for such,
    but if that happens, oh my God! To be truthful, sitting down here appropriate now, I would shut down Linda Ikeji Social simply because I don’t
    know what the future of LIS would be whereas Linda Ikeji Blog is currently extremely profitable.

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